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Maker Faire Bay Area 2009 Video Montage

Maker Faire Bay Area 2009 Video Montage

Here is the best video montage I found of Maker Faire 2009 so far, that gives a good flavor of what the event was all about. The guy playing the snow shovel guitar is Isaac Frankle the ‘Shovel Man’ a Guitarist, Singer, Lyricist, Percussionist, Harmonica Player Instrument Inventor Artist/Scientist & Sound Sculptor. In the video you can also see the Hennepin Crawler, Whirlygig Emoto, Neverwas Haul a three story Victorian house on wheels, and the famous Radio Flyer Art Car. There is also the giant metal wings and of course the Mercedes Pens makes a brief appearance.

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Another Happy Customer in the Mercedes Pens

Amy and her daughter Cosette sitting inside the Pen Car

This is what happy customer looks like sitting inside the Mercedes Pens art car. A day doesn’t go by without talking to someone about the car. Often times people stop by for a picture and I often given them one of my pen guy fliers and a free pen. If I have the time which is always the case I often open the car up for an inside look at the pen covered interior. This time around I was coming out of a Starbucks in the morning with my muffing and grande coffee in hand when Amy and her daughter Cosette came by for a visit.

“You were kind enough to talk to my daughter, mother-in-law & me the other day in front of Starbucks. You showed us your wonderful Mercedes Pens, explained your ‘story’ and let us sit for photos. So, here are some of those photos for your collection. Thank you for your fun and happy spirit, artistic point of view and ability to make us laugh.”

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon and if you have taken any interesting pictures of the car, please send them in.

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Pen Guy Wants 250,000 Pens For Big Project.

Now that I have pretty much covered my Mercedes Pens Art Car with about 10,000 pens what’s next? I have been thinking about it for about a year now and what I want to do is collect 250,000 pens to create art that I call “pentings” or giant wall murals. I also want to cover a newer Mercedes Benz and a giant Diesel RV that will comfortably sleep a family of five for a road trip across America. And by the way donations of the above items are very welcome at this time. My wife and I agree that traveling cross county with the family will be a great experience for all of us. I would love to visit famous road side attractions, other art car events, and speak about pursing your dreams and going after the unique destiny that we all have in life. I know that people who have come alive, are those who are walking in their destiny and my desire is to invite and release them into that. Sounds out there, but imagine what would happen if we all walked in our destiny?

Mercedes Pens Art Car in Berkeley, Ca by Jared Hanson

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Mercedes Pen Car Repair Made Easy

If you own a Older Mercedes Benz you soon find out that parts and labor are not exactly cheap. My 1981 300SD has now 260,000 miles and so far I have had to do most of my own repairs. I did it by asking lots of questions, going to forums and photocopying pages from the library on how repair my car. I recently run into someone on my lunch break who was working on his car and told me about a great web site called Mercedes Source that not only sells parts but has a forum for owners and also sells specific instructional manuals. So while I was under the car changing my oil a couple of weeks ago I found that one of my V-belts was damaged and needed replacing. So yesterday I ordered a set of belts and a manual, should be on Monday, can’t wait.

This photo was taken at Art Car Fest 08 by David Dasinger on flickr. I love this photo of the Mercedes Pens Fin because you can really get a good look at it up against the background. Nice job David!!!

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