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Blind Man Touches Mercedes Pens…and Lives

Blind Man Touches Mercedes Pens...and Lives
I have always wondered what a blind person would think of the Mercedes Pens Art Car. Its not just the color but the texture of the car I think is really cool. One day I was at the coffee shop and blind man in training came by and I asked him if he would like to touch the car and tell me what he thought. He said he loved the rich pen texture of the Mercedes Pens and his picture says it all.

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Mercedes Pens Spotted by Jennifer Grayson in St. Helena

Mercedes Pens Spotted by Jennifer Grayson in St. Helena
Mercedes Pens Spotted by Jennifer Grayson in St. Helena
photo by Jennifer Grayson

Last week I was in St. Helena helping out at my father in laws business while he took some time off to go backpacking. When I finally got there, I decided to park the Mercedes Pens out on Main street, because with an art car like mine, hiding in the back would be a crime. I got lucky that day and was spotted by Jennifer Grayson who wrote me up on her blog. Jennifer is an operatically trained singer with a degree from the New England Conservatory of Music and founding editor of She also just started writing a column for the HuffPost called EcoEtiquette, so kudos to you.

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From the inside looking out because every day is a parade in the Mercedes Pens

People in a parade waving at the Mercedes Pens

Only 6 hours until I have to get up and head on down to this years Maker Faire. I am so jazzed I can’t sleep even though I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me in the morning to arrive in time to check in. I know many of you will be coming to the site after this weekend to check things out. So I want to thank all of you ahead of time for coming by, getting a flyer and a pen. I hope you all had fun and I am really glad to have met you all. Please send me any pictures with you and the car, I would love to spend a couple of weeks just posting your fun Mercedes Pens Photos. The picture above is what it looks like pretty much every day I drive the pen car– people waving, pointing, laughing– because every day is a parade for me!

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Another Happy Customer in the Mercedes Pens

Amy and her daughter Cosette sitting inside the Pen Car

This is what happy customer looks like sitting inside the Mercedes Pens art car. A day doesn’t go by without talking to someone about the car. Often times people stop by for a picture and I often given them one of my pen guy fliers and a free pen. If I have the time which is always the case I often open the car up for an inside look at the pen covered interior. This time around I was coming out of a Starbucks in the morning with my muffing and grande coffee in hand when Amy and her daughter Cosette came by for a visit.

“You were kind enough to talk to my daughter, mother-in-law & me the other day in front of Starbucks. You showed us your wonderful Mercedes Pens, explained your ‘story’ and let us sit for photos. So, here are some of those photos for your collection. Thank you for your fun and happy spirit, artistic point of view and ability to make us laugh.”

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon and if you have taken any interesting pictures of the car, please send them in.

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Inspired mom collects olds pens for the pen guy

I found this great picture on a blog called The Clothesline by a wonderful mom called Cathy who found The Pen Guy blog and decided to collect her old pens and send them over when the box is full. The comments are also very encouraging and came on a day when I was feeling down while contemplating the economy and my finances. There are moments in life when in the face of great opposition and difficulty you have to move forward by faith on the vision and destiny you were meant to walk in. The world says one thing but your heart and gut says another. Often times people give up the fight right before the breakthrough comes and never go on to walk in their destiny and see their dreams come true. I heard once that the worlds greatest inventions and ideas are found inside graves, because they were buried there with the people who either gave up too soon, or were too afraid to step out in faith to believe that they had an idea worth pursuing. We are not alone in life and need others to encourage us in the journey but we also need to encourage others in the journey as well. Cathy has done that for me today and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Giving up on your dreams is not only a trategy for you but for the rest of us who would have benefited in some way from that dream. Think of all the ideas and inventions that make a difference in your life today, now think of life without those same things. So all I can say is dream big and fight a good fight to see those dreams come true. Imagine life without Disney for instance!!!

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