Artist Resume


2011 – Doggie B, Doggie Boogie – Get Your Grrr On! (original title)
2010 – Mercedes Benz Reporter, a Californian Art Car by Alex Kahl
2010 – Penultimate, Documentary by Paul Meyers
2010 – Junkyard Journeys – The Mercedes Pens Story” Documentary by Cat Cuttilo
2010 – Pen Guy Episode #4, How to buy a used car hassle free” by Costas Schuler
2010 – Pen Guy Episode #3, New Mexico pens Smell funny, by Costas Schuler
2009 – Wikipedia, Art Cars
2009 – National Geographic Amazing Artcar Fest documentary
2008 – Smithsonian Channel, America Wild and Wacky, Artcar Fest documentary
2007 – Wealth TV Artcar Fest documentary
2007 – Pen Guy Episode #2, by Costas Schuler
2007 – Pen Guy Episode #1, Trip to the Thrift Store, by Costas Schuler
2005 – MAG Rag Artcar Fest documentary

Public Events

2015 – Artcar Fest, San Francisco CA
2012 – SAC Auto Show, Sacramento CA
2010 – Ignite Talk, If I can make an art car, so can you…, Sebastopol CA
2010 – Okizu Gala, Benefit, San Francisco CA
2009 – Maker Faire, San Francisco CA
2009 – SAC Auto Show, Sacramento CA
2009 – San Rafael Music Festival
2008 – Artcar Fest, San Francisco CA
2008 – Maker Faire, San Mateo CA
2008 – City Kids Festival, Santa Rosa CA
2007 – Artcar Fest, San Francisco CA
2007 – Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa CA
2007 – City Kids Festival, Santa Rosa CA
2007 – Maker Faire, San Mateo CA
2006 – Artcar Fest, San Francisco CA
2006 – Arts and Science Day, Sebastopol CA
2006 – City Kids Festival, Santa Rosa CA
2005 – Artcar Fest, San Francisco CA

Featured in the news

2013 – My Fox Huston – Man Decorates His Mercedes With Thousands of Pens
2013 – Press Democrat – Carnival of Creativity, By Nathan Halverson
2012 – AOL News – 10,000 Pens = 1 Crazy Mercedes, by Michael McLaughlin
2012 – Huffington Post – Eco Etiquette: 5 Wacky Ways To Go Green In The New Year, by Jennifer Grayson
2012 – ArtCarCentral, The Pen Guy and his Mercedes pens Art Car, By Costas Schuler
2012 – Recycleart, The Pen Guy on a Quest to Collect a Million Used Pens to Make Murals
2011 – Inhabitat – Send The Pen Guy Your Dead Pens by Bridgette Meinhold
2011 – Daily Mail – Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Pens? The ‘crazy’ recycling project that turned a car into a work of art, By Daily Mail Reporter
2011 – America Road Magazine, American Road Trip Talk (Podcast), by Foster Braun
2010 – Neatorama, Mercedes Pens with Wreath, by Miss Cellania
2010 – Bohemian, Dreaming of Pentopia, by Gabe Meline
2009 – Creating Sanctuary, Photo shoot by Jason Winshell, San Franscisco CA
2009 – Jalopnick – Mercedes Pens Art Car Baffles, Entertains At Maker Faire, by Murilee Martin
2008 – Today’s Vintage, A different kind of pen pusher, by Geets Vincent
2008 – Sonoma West News, Maker Faire’s Sebastopol roots are showing by George Snyder
2008 – Oddity Central, Pen-covered Mercedes Benz, by Spooky
2008 – Jalopnick – Mercedes-Pens Is A Self-Explanatory Art Car by Travis Hudson
2007 – Neatorama , The Mercedes Pens, by  Alex Santoso
2007 – Ugly Mailbox, Pen covered Mil Box
2006 – Yahoo – Mercedes Pens Art Car featured on front page feature

Pen Recycling/Donation Locations/Online Mentions

2005-Present – Pens donated from AMAZING individuals from all over the world!!!
2005 – Present – Pick of the Litter, Santa Rosa, CA
2005 – Present – Sutter Hospice Thrift Stores 4 Locations, Santa Rosa CA
2005 – 2013 – Goodwill industries, Santa Rosa, CA
2015 – Recycle Nation – How to Recycle pens by Sophia Bennett
2014 – GreenHouseEffect – Stop throwing  away wornout pens, recycle them into art
2014 – – 12 things you can recycle through USPS by Maureen Wise
2013 – Earth911 – 10 Things you can recycle through the mail by
2013 – Recycling Office and School Supplies by Allyson Koerner
2013 – What I Plan to Do About My Disposable Pen Peeve by Fredrica Rudell
2013 – Where to Recycle Used Pens? WCI Wednesday by Julie Hancher
2013 – 15 Ways to Recycle or Upcycle School Supplies by Purgo
2012 – 5 Clever Ways to Reuse Markers and Pens by Julie Finn
2012 – Lance County Pen Collection Drive
2012 – The Pen Guy on a Quest to Collect a Million Used Pens by
2011 – Recycling Markers and Pens Posted by krissy
2011 – How to recycle old pens, by Zero Waste Week UK
2011 – Recycling Challenge: Pens, by grid
2011 – 19 Ways To ReUse and Recycle Pens by Cathy
2011 – Pen Guy and “Mercedes Pens” Divert 10,000 Pens from Landfill by Moss Amer
2010 – Hey, It’s the Pen Guy! Posted by Jen
2009 – The Pen Guy’s Million Pen Recycling Flyer by Costas Schuler

Exhibitions (includes a combined list of solo, two-person, and group exhibitions)

2017 – Solo exhibit, City Hall, Santa Rosa CA (date TBA)
2016 – Recycle Mania – Group show at Mardi Storm Studio 2371 S. Gravenstein Hwy, Sebastopol, CA 95472. June, 11-12
2016 – Graton Gallery, 5th Annual Small Works 2016 Juried Show GGSW5
2016 – Group exhibition, Tiny Town Cafe, Forestville CA
2015 – Waste Reduction Week – First Canadian Place, Toronto Canada
2014 – Group exhibition, Tiny Town Cafe, Forestville CA
2012 – English text book feature, “Contrast” by Burlington Books
2012 – Terracycle display, Trenton NJ
2012 – Greentivities group exhibit, Sonoma County Fair
1994 – Solo show, Coffee Society, Cupertino CA
1994 – Solo show, DeAnza College, Cupertino CA
1993 – Jury Show Exhibition, DeAnza College Cupertino CA

Artist Representation
Mercedes Pens Art CarRepresented by the ArtCar Agency, Harrod Blank


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  1. My daughter and I have been saving pens for a number of years and we need to send them to you. We don’t have a whole lot, Just the 2 of us don’t use a lot a pens. Are you still collecting them? I hope so because being an artist myself, it would be nice to know our pens will be used in art projects. It sounds like the welding and such is a joy for you to be involved in; it has been a part of art projects for many years.

    I hope this message reaches you, since there is no recent news about you by others or yourself except for 2015. I will send a note at the address in Forestville, CA also to be sure to get the information about sending pens. There is great information you have provided about other ways to recycle pens, which I appreciate.

    Bless you for your artistic projects.

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