Dreaming of Pentopia – Bohemian Article

Pen Guy laying on the hood of the Mercedes PensI finally made it in the bohemian with a great article called “Dreaming of Pentopia” because its true, I do dream about it and I know one day it will be a reality. The article was written by Gabe Meline who also took this photo of me lounging on the hood of the Mercedes Pens. He came over and we had a good chat about the car and the future of pens. This photo for is the first, I don’t usually lay on the car since the pen are brittle and poky.

That’s enough laying around, I have one day to get ready for maker Faire this weekend, and I am running out of time. Looking forward to seeing you there, and don’t forget to bring you old pens by the Mercedes Pens this weekend:)

Photograph by Gabe Meline