Mercedes Pens Helping Those in Spain Learn English

The Mercedes Pens art car was just published in the latest English work book called “Contrast” by Burlington Books for students in Spain who are learning English.

The student is asked to read the story about the pen Guy and the Mercedes pens and then write a 60-80 summary. Here is my summary in less that 26 words: “Not only am I doing my part to collect old used pens from around the world, I am now helping others learn English, Pretty Cool”

Mercedes Pens Helping Those in Foreign Countries Learn English

Mercedes Pens Helping Those in Foreign Countries Learn English

Paul Meyers’ “Penultimate” Documentary Great Success – Pen Hard Hat on SF360

Pen Guy Hard Hat on the cover of SF360

My pen covered hard hat made the front page of SF360 a Daily News & Features from America’s Film & Media Frontier. Published by the San Francisco Film Society.

Eight first-year students in the Stanford MFA in Documentary Film program screened their works to a packed house Tuesday at the University’s Annenberg Auditorium, each between three and four minutes. Paul Meyers was one of those students who was first up with his documentary movie called ‘Penultimate’ about me the Pen Guy and the Mercedes Pens Art Car.

I got word back today from Paul saying the movie was a great success and people laughed and really enjoyed themselves. There was also many questions about the Pen Guy during the reception like how he found me and do I really drive that car every day. I missed this screening this time but Paul said there might be screenings of “Penultimate” in the future so I will definitely be going and letting you all know the details as I get them. Great Job Paul.

Penultimate TRAILER from Paul Meyers on Vimeo.

Dreaming of Pentopia – Bohemian Article

Pen Guy laying on the hood of the Mercedes PensI finally made it in the bohemian with a great article called “Dreaming of Pentopia” because its true, I do dream about it and I know one day it will be a reality. The article was written by Gabe Meline who also took this photo of me lounging on the hood of the Mercedes Pens. He came over and we had a good chat about the car and the future of pens. This photo for is the first, I don’t usually lay on the car since the pen are brittle and poky.

That’s enough laying around, I have one day to get ready for maker Faire this weekend, and I am running out of time. Looking forward to seeing you there, and don’t forget to bring you old pens by the Mercedes Pens this weekend:)

Photograph by Gabe Meline

Junkyard Journeys – The Mercedes Pens Story by Cat Cutillo

Sitting inside the Mercedes Pens
Pen Guy sitting inside the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Pen Guy standing in front of the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Video by Cat Cutillo

Cat Cutillo an award winning photographer from San Fransisco recently interviewed me for a video project she was working for a class project. She also took a bunch of great photos that she incorporated into the video. The video is called Junkyard Journeys and in I talk about my inspiration for starting the Mercedes Pens and my ongoing dream to collect a million pens for future art projects. She did a great job shooting and editing this video and I am really pleased with the end result:)Thank you Cat.