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Dreaming of Pentopia – Bohemian Article

Pen Guy laying on the hood of the Mercedes PensI finally made it in the bohemian with a great article called “Dreaming of Pentopia” because its true, I do dream about it and I know one day it will be a reality. The article was written by Gabe Meline who also took this photo of me lounging on the hood of the Mercedes Pens. He came over and we had a good chat about the car and the future of pens. This photo for is the first, I don’t usually lay on the car since the pen are brittle and poky.

That’s enough laying around, I have one day to get ready for maker Faire this weekend, and I am running out of time. Looking forward to seeing you there, and don’t forget to bring you old pens by the Mercedes Pens this weekend:)

Photograph by Gabe Meline

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Pen Guy Store Now Open – T Shirts and Swag for Sale

The Pen Guy Store - Get Pen Guy T Shirts and More

The Pen Guy is proud to announce the grand opening of the Pen Guy T Shirt and Swag Store, located on Zazzle. The primary purpose of my online T Shirt store is to raise funds for much needed repairs on the Pen Car running strong now with a meer 272k miles. For now I have one design up but will be adding many more in the coming weeks.I did all this in anticipation of a very busy week in the media for the Pen Guy.

Today I was interviewed for a feature piece for the Bohemian and will probably be coming out next week or the week after. Tomorrow I will drive down to SF for more shooting for the Doggie Boggie movie. And tomorrow night at 10.00 pm I will be on Eye On The Bay, CBS channel 5 for their Friday Flea Market segment. They gave me a minute and half to tell the bay area that I am available for appearances, anywhere in the bay area to show off the pen car, speak and pick up old pens.

My primary goal is to bring pen recycling awareness to the bay area with a massive Pen Drive and collect a million pens for future projects and maybe one day open up Pentopia.

So all I ask is that you:

  1. Watch the show
  2. Collect your pens
  3. Email me
  4. Schedule an appearance
  5. Buy a T shirt

Is that too much to ask?:)

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