Man Decorates His Mercedes With Thousands of Pens Read

Man Decorates His Mercedes With Thousands of Pens

A California graphic designer bypassed auto paint and decided to use pens to decorate his 1981 300SD Mercedes Benz, and he’s been getting a lot of attention.

It’s not the ink that Costas Schuler used. It’s the whole pen, or rather about 10,000 of them that have gone into transforming his ride into “the Mercedes Pens.”

The Daily Mail reported that Schuler has received the pens from businesses, doctors’ offices, friends and family. There’s ball points, dry markers, dry erasers and other discarded writing instruments as he turns recycling into a work of art.

The car’s roof, dashboard and hub caps all have pens.

Schuler, dubbed “the Pen Guy,” is a pen collector. His website,, stated that he has about 22,000 used pens as he tries to reach a million.

He told AOL News that he used silicone glue to hold the 500 pounds of pens in place.

“Doing this to your car and then driving it around is kind of gutsy,” Schuler, who uses the car for his primary transportation, said. “There’s not a lot of people that do that.”

He credits Harrod Blank’s book “Art Cars” with stirring the idea. Blank, the owner of a van covered with working cameras, and Schuler have since started talking.

“He took it to the nth degree, and that’s what I think you have to do to make a car stand out compared to other art cars,” Blank said to AOL News.

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