Mercedes Pens Makes the Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

 Pijo Doggie Boggie jumping in the Mercedes Pens Art Car

About a year ago the Mercedes Pens Art Car was hired to be in a movie called Doggie Boogie about Pijo the dancing Dog. Yesterday I run into the trailer and to my big surprise I found a brief shot of Pijo jumping in the Mercedes Pens from the passenger side. This was the scene right before the big chase scene, with a taxi cab going after Pijo in the back seat looking out. In fact a Pijo stuffed stunt double was used made from hair collected from the real deal. Not sure when the movie will hit the big screen but I am looking forward to my art cars big day on the silver screen. Its a very cute movie and the color scheme is simply magnificent, perfect movie to for The Mercedes Pens.

Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer