Mercedes Pens Makes the Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

 Pijo Doggie Boggie jumping in the Mercedes Pens Art Car

About a year ago the Mercedes Pens Art Car was hired to be in a movie called Doggie Boogie about Pijo the dancing Dog. Yesterday I run into the trailer and to my big surprise I found a brief shot of Pijo jumping in the Mercedes Pens from the passenger side. This was the scene right before the big chase scene, with a taxi cab going after Pijo in the back seat looking out. In fact a Pijo stuffed stunt double was used made from hair collected from the real deal. Not sure when the movie will hit the big screen but I am looking forward to my art cars big day on the silver screen. Its a very cute movie and the color scheme is simply magnificent, perfect movie to for The Mercedes Pens.

Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

Mercedes Pens Feature Video on Mercedes-Benz Reporter

Mercedes Pens Art Car Featured on Mercedes-Benz Reporter - Video by Alex Kahl
Mercedes Pens Art Car Featured on Mercedes-Benz Reporter – Video by Alex Kahl

Alex Kahl is a self professed auto-geek who is obsessed with cars, technology and the web. This obsession somehow led to the sweetest gig of all, test driving and writing about cars and getting paid for it. A few months ago he was in the Bay Area driving around in a top of the line Mercedes loaner and contacted me about doing and interview in Petaluma CA at TwiT TV. He writes for Mercedes-Benz and this video was just posted a few days ago on Mercedes-Benz Reporter . Its actually one of the very few videos showing the latest addition to the Mercedes pens Art Car including the drain pipe super fins and the additional used pens mounted on the roof of the car. Thanks Alex:)

Pens From New Mexico Smell Funny – Smell-a-Vision

The Pen Guy Smells Pens Donated From New Mexico

I got this massive box of Pens sent in by Don from New Mexico the other day and frankly they smell kinda funny. Don’t get me wrong I love all and any pen sent regardless of the way they look, smell or taste. Any ways I did a video about this particular batch of used pens and want to continue doing so as more come from the local thrift store locations and beyond. Don, thanks for sending those in and I look forward to the other ones you have coming my way.

Junkyard Journeys – The Mercedes Pens Story by Cat Cutillo

Sitting inside the Mercedes Pens
Pen Guy sitting inside the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Pen Guy standing in front of the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Video by Cat Cutillo

Cat Cutillo an award winning photographer from San Fransisco recently interviewed me for a video project she was working for a class project. She also took a bunch of great photos that she incorporated into the video. The video is called Junkyard Journeys and in I talk about my inspiration for starting the Mercedes Pens and my ongoing dream to collect a million pens for future art projects. She did a great job shooting and editing this video and I am really pleased with the end result:)Thank you Cat.