Junkyard Journeys – The Mercedes Pens Story by Cat Cutillo

Sitting inside the Mercedes Pens
Pen Guy sitting inside the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Pen Guy standing in front of the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Video by Cat Cutillo

Cat Cutillo an award winning photographer from San Fransisco recently interviewed me for a video project she was working for a class project. She also took a bunch of great photos that she incorporated into the video. The video is called Junkyard Journeys and in I talk about my inspiration for starting the Mercedes Pens and my ongoing dream to collect a million pens for future art projects. She did a great job shooting and editing this video and I am really pleased with the end result:)Thank you Cat.

Jason Winshell – “Creating Sanctuary” with the Mercedes Pens

This is what joy look likes to me
Pen Guy taking a breather on a sunny Saturday afternoon
The Inside of the Pen Car on the Road Again.
The Inside of the Pen Car on the Road Again.
Last weekend at Maker Faire I had the pleasure of meeting some really interesting folks and one of them happened to be Jason Winshell, an amazing Photographer from San Francisco. During the event Jason approached me about letting him photograph the Mercedes Pens and me as part of his latest photo essay project called “Creating Sanctuary“. Jason is on a journey to explore the things that we do in order to create sanctuaries around us as we deal with the day to day stress, demands and routines of everyday life. Basically a world in which we rejuvenate and recharge our batteries, by looking into our passions, interests, and vices.

Jason came up last Saturday and he spent about four hours driving around with me in my Mercedes Pens Art Car and taking photos in different settings in order to capture what it is that I do. He managed to capture my every day sanctuary on wheels on a sunny Saturday afternoon in my front yard, Walmart, the gas station and on the road. I love the picture of the inside while I am driving, because It’s a perspective I have never seen before.

Another Happy Customer in the Mercedes Pens

Amy and her daughter Cosette sitting inside the Pen Car

This is what happy customer looks like sitting inside the Mercedes Pens art car. A day doesn’t go by without talking to someone about the car. Often times people stop by for a picture and I often given them one of my pen guy fliers and a free pen. If I have the time which is always the case I often open the car up for an inside look at the pen covered interior. This time around I was coming out of a Starbucks in the morning with my muffing and grande coffee in hand when Amy and her daughter Cosette came by for a visit.

“You were kind enough to talk to my daughter, mother-in-law & me the other day in front of Starbucks. You showed us your wonderful Mercedes Pens, explained your ‘story’ and let us sit for photos. So, here are some of those photos for your collection. Thank you for your fun and happy spirit, artistic point of view and ability to make us laugh.”

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon and if you have taken any interesting pictures of the car, please send them in.

Mercedes Pens Pushing 10,000 Pens – Art Car Fest 08 in Berkeley

Well I made it through the Berkeley parade last Sunday for the last day of Art Car Fest 08. I was totally stressed out trying to get as many darn pens glued to my Mercedes Pens before the event but at some point I had enough. I finished my hub caps with tie wraps so the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers wouldn’t fly off the wheels like they did the first time. I installed the new orange seat covers and finished up the rear fins. There is still a lot of work to especially the sections with the really old pens. To all of you I met that day thanks for coming by, and thank you in advance for those of you who promised to send me all your old pens in the mail:)

Mercedes Pens Art Car next to Snail Art Car
Inside Mercedes Pens and new orange fuzzy seat covers
Mercedes Pens with new fins and hub caps
Mercedes Pens Hub Caps

Getting Ready For Art Car Fest 08

I changed my oil and filter on my engine and transmission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that was scary and exciting all at the same time. Never did my transmission before, started Saturday and had to get a replacement seal because they gave me the wrong one. Last Saturday I also installed my purple back seat covers and I also got my orange shag fuzzy seat covers in today, and are in the dryer to get the excess lint off. No all I need is to finish the hubcaps and the odd missing pen here and there and I am done. I also found a damaged fan belt which means I need to take car of that as soon as I can. The Nice thing about my 1981 Mercedes 300SD is that once you get over the initial panic its relatively easy to fix things once I talk to enough people and get all the info I need on the forums. A nice web site I found is Mercedesource which has parts and specific booklets on how to fix things. Very nice I think my next project will be the fan belts.

Fan Belts Need Replacing… Oh No!!!!!!!!!!

Pen Car Rear Purple Seat Covers