20 Days Until Art Car Fest 08

I am totally behind on blogging but ahead in getting my car ready for this years Art Car Fest 08. I am in the process of remodeling, which only means taking old pens off the car and replacing them with fresh ones. I just finished the back fin of the car which sorta looks like a blob of pens all piled up, but trust its a fin. I want to get the car ready before I release any more photos and when I am done I will take the car out for some glamor shots of the Mercedes Pens. I will then flood Al Gores world wide web called the “Internet” with photos of my newly remodeled art car covered in about 10,000 pens. I am also going to buy some fuzzy orange seat covers for the front and make my own for the back seat, spruce up the fake grass and put some down in the back as well.

My daughters first ride in the Mercedes Pens Art Car, notice she is holding a “pen”. I wonder were she got that?

Advertise your Company Pen on the Mercedes Pens Art Car For FREE!!!

There are over 6000 pens on the Mercedes Pens Art Car, mostly pens with a business name imprinted on it. If you want to advertise your business send me a pen with your logo on it and I will glue it on my car, and post a picture and a link to your web site for FREE. (I reserve the right to decline any business for any reason) If you have extra pens that you want to donate, working or not send them as well. Send your pens to:
The Pen Guy
6484 Mirabel Road
Forestville, CA

New Fake Grass Interior in Mercedes Pens

Memorial day monday I completed the Mercedes Pens interior using AstroTurf Type Fake Grass. I Bought a nice 6×9 piece from Home Depot, and with enough hot glue and staples I lined each interior panel and the carpet with it. Took me all afternoon by I did it, and sure beats that nasty old grey dirty carpet that the car came with.

I also finished decorating my dashboard with all the nice pens. A little velcro on the back of each pen allows it to stick to the cover.

And a special thanks to Mark who not only put a link to his blog epromos blog but sent me a box of really nice Zig Zag Lite Pen. I gave them all away and then one day they will all come back, empty:)

Mercedes Pens Door Finished Using Gel Pens

I finally finished my first door panel on the Mercedes Pens Ar Car. I managed to bend a whole bunch of Gel Pens with a heat gun and glue them on the painted door panel in the shape of a tree with 100% Clear silicone. I wanted to see how much further I could take my art using pens. And this time I was able to go a step further by combining acrylic painting as a backdrop for the 3D pen sculpture mounted on the door. One down three more doors to go.

Mercedes Pens Door Pannel Getting a Face Lift

Here is the driver side door panel witch I decided to paint over because the “Mercedes Grey” wasn’t working for my mood. Grey is fine if the rest of the car is grey and your into that sort of drab depressing color. Since my car now is a tad more cheery than that, I decided to paint. This scene has got to be my favority, calm peacefull, full of posibilities. It also represnents growth and hope for the future. The next step is to create a tree created by benting pens with a heat gun and glued right over this scene. I started yesterday and I hope to have this beauty mounted back on the door by the end of the week. Stay tuned.

Also a big hello to my new audience over there in Germany, and Hungary. If any one can tell me what the lady on the video is saying about my car in German, on ehrensenf interenet tv please le me know. I am also looking for more pens so if you have any you want donate please send them to:
The Pen Guy
2425 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
The New Pen Donation Address is:
The Pen Guy – P.O.Box 994 – Forestville, CA 95436