Getting Ready For Art Car Fest 08

I changed my oil and filter on my engine and transmission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that was scary and exciting all at the same time. Never did my transmission before, started Saturday and had to get a replacement seal because they gave me the wrong one. Last Saturday I also installed my purple back seat covers and I also got my orange shag fuzzy seat covers in today, and are in the dryer to get the excess lint off. No all I need is to finish the hubcaps and the odd missing pen here and there and I am done. I also found a damaged fan belt which means I need to take car of that as soon as I can. The Nice thing about my 1981 Mercedes 300SD is that once you get over the initial panic its relatively easy to fix things once I talk to enough people and get all the info I need on the forums. A nice web site I found is Mercedesource which has parts and specific booklets on how to fix things. Very nice I think my next project will be the fan belts.

Fan Belts Need Replacing… Oh No!!!!!!!!!!

Pen Car Rear Purple Seat Covers