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Back from Art Car Fest 09

Its been almost a month since I blogged, because frankly I needed some rest from all the work I put into getting ready for Art Car Fest 09. But I had to post about a surprise visit I got from my best friend from high school, Ralph. It was great to see him on Saturday at the Salsa festival in Redwood City were I was parked right there on the sidewalk at a major intersection melting in the sun. It was good to catch up with Ralph and show him my new Mercedes Pens ride and the latest pen upgrades.

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Pen Rainbow Inside the Mercedes Pens on the way to Art Car Fest

Pen Rainbow Inside the Mercedes Pens
Its nice to finally have enough pens collected to be able to create an entire pen rainbow on the inside of Mercedes Pens Art Car roof. I just finished this beauty yesterday and with a colorful interior like mine, a rainbow seemed like the right thing to do. The inside is the safest place to do this considering the sun and weather eventually destroy all pens on the outside of the pen car. I know its a weird shape but I still have more space to fill out the area around it with more pens. I have less than a month to get ready for the big art car event called Art Car Fest September 25-27th, so I need to get busy repairing the missing and damaged pens. Art Car Fest is three days of hanging out with other art car folks showing our creations to the public. I will also be collecting old pens so if you have them please fill free to come and drop them off, I would love take them off your hands. Think of all the free space you’ll have for more stuff.

This year you will be able to enjoy art cars at Art Car Fest at these locations:

Day 1 – Friday, September 25th

Day 2 – Saturday, September 26th

Day 3 – Sunday, September 27th

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Pen Guy and his Crazy Pen Covered Wool Jacket – Art Car Fest Video

This is a video was taken at last years Art Car Fest opening night for Harrod Blank’s movie Automorphosis in ElCerito CA. Here I am sporting my funky pen covered wool jacket that I created just for this special red carpet event to see an art car movie, only I didn’t see any carpet. We did manage to get some free pizza from a guy a few business down from the movie theater running for supervisor. So it was a good night and I kept warm with my jacket. In the video there is also another car that was Halloween themed, very nice.

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Fish Pen Finds Final Resting Place Inside Mercedes Pens

Fish Pen send in by Mari finds final resting place inside Mercedes PensFish Pen send in by Mari finds final resting place inside Mercedes Pens Art Car

A fish pen from Santa Cruz that found its way to the Mercedes Pens Art Car two years later is a remarkable story. I met Mari during Art Car Fest in Santa Cruz two years ago who came by to see all the art cars on display down town. Her fish pen finally run out of ink and she sent it in the mail just the other day. I have another fish lure pen made from the same company on the inside of the car, I think another one would be nice for company. Thanks Mari and keep sending in those old pens pens, a million is just around the corner.

“I met you last year driving the Art Car show on Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz. I wanted to send you this pen (not working) for your collection. Keep on Arting!”- Mari

Mercedes Pens Art Car during Art Car Fest in Santa Cruz CA
Mercedes Pens Art Car during Art Car Fest in Santa Cruz CA

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