Mercedes Pens Pushing 10,000 Pens – Art Car Fest 08 in Berkeley

Well I made it through the Berkeley parade last Sunday for the last day of Art Car Fest 08. I was totally stressed out trying to get as many darn pens glued to my Mercedes Pens before the event but at some point I had enough. I finished my hub caps with tie wraps so the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers wouldn’t fly off the wheels like they did the first time. I installed the new orange seat covers and finished up the rear fins. There is still a lot of work to especially the sections with the really old pens. To all of you I met that day thanks for coming by, and thank you in advance for those of you who promised to send me all your old pens in the mail:)

Mercedes Pens Art Car next to Snail Art Car
Inside Mercedes Pens and new orange fuzzy seat covers
Mercedes Pens with new fins and hub caps
Mercedes Pens Hub Caps