Mercedes Pens Makes the Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

 Pijo Doggie Boggie jumping in the Mercedes Pens Art Car

About a year ago the Mercedes Pens Art Car was hired to be in a movie called Doggie Boogie about Pijo the dancing Dog. Yesterday I run into the trailer and to my big surprise I found a brief shot of Pijo jumping in the Mercedes Pens from the passenger side. This was the scene right before the big chase scene, with a taxi cab going after Pijo in the back seat looking out. In fact a Pijo stuffed stunt double was used made from hair collected from the real deal. Not sure when the movie will hit the big screen but I am looking forward to my art cars big day on the silver screen. Its a very cute movie and the color scheme is simply magnificent, perfect movie to for The Mercedes Pens.

Doggie Boogie Movie Trailer

4 Good Reason Used Pens Don’t Work Well in this Photoshoot

4 Good Reason Used Pens Don't Work Well in Photoshoot - Used pens donated to the pen guy
4 Good Reason Used Pens Don’t Work Well in this Photoshoot

I just received two packages of used pens, a bunch from my friend Don R. in Hastings, Nebraska today, and a bunch of pens from S. Wilner in New York about two weeks ago just in time for Christmas. I decided to have some fun tonight and do a impromptu photo-shoot while holding a bunch of used pens in each hand. I am looking at these photos and I must admit that pens just dont work as a good prop. Even though I think this shoot was a complete failure, I am thankful for getting these awesome pens to add to my one million pen project.

Pen Explosion at The Pen Guys House – Nobody Hurt

Pen Explosion at The Pens Guys House - Nobody Hurt

I woke up this morning to find my pen storage bin with its door blown off its hinges and pens spilling all over the place. This bin was given to me with a broken hinge and it simply could not take the pressure of about 30K pens pushing up against it.

I had a sinking suspicion that levy was about to burst but ignored the voice telling me to wrap it up with some rope rope.
This afternoon I took care of it with a little duct and rope and I am ready again to receive your packages of empty pens in the mail.

Is there such a thing as too many used pens…NO. Keep them coming and thank you all for your support.

100 Amazing Photos of the Mercedes Pens

pen carĀ 
by Nicky Deez

Over the past 5 years the Mercedes Pens Art Car has been widely photographed and seen world wide many times over. My art car was recently featured flickriver which allows people to quickly see interesting images from flickr quickly on one page. There are 102 shots taken of the Mercedes pens locally and from various events attended in the past. One of the shots was taken during dusk in Santa Rosa while I was headed home and is the only picture of the Mercedes Pens that I have seen taken at night. I like because the car looks ominous with its red tail lights zipping past and the other car. I am the super hero on my way home, probably have groceries in the back seat and have to get back soon before the ice cream melts.

Dreamy Pen Photo Shoot by the Pen Guy

“Jar-O-Gel Pens” sent in by Elizabeth, Arlington, MA
Pens sent in by Elizabeth, Arlington, MA

“Field of Pen Dreams” sent in by D, Delta, BC, Canada
Field of Pen Dreams sent in by D, Delta, BC, Canada

“One with Pens” sent in by Cassandra, Oakdale, PA

One with Pens sent in by Cassandra, Oakdale, PA
photos by the Pen Guy

Thanks to Elizabeth, D and Cassandra who were the first three to send in these beautiful used pens using my new P.O. Box I set up last month. I shot these pens out in front yard last Sunday and tried to make them look more “artsy” with fancy titles and dreamy backgrounds. I figured I might as well shoot them right before they end up on the pen pile with the rest. Keep them coming:)