Another Happy Customer in the Mercedes Pens

Amy and her daughter Cosette sitting inside the Pen Car

This is what happy customer looks like sitting inside the Mercedes Pens art car. A day doesn’t go by without talking to someone about the car. Often times people stop by for a picture and I often given them one of my pen guy fliers and a free pen. If I have the time which is always the case I often open the car up for an inside look at the pen covered interior. This time around I was coming out of a Starbucks in the morning with my muffing and grande coffee in hand when Amy and her daughter Cosette came by for a visit.

“You were kind enough to talk to my daughter, mother-in-law & me the other day in front of Starbucks. You showed us your wonderful Mercedes Pens, explained your ‘story’ and let us sit for photos. So, here are some of those photos for your collection. Thank you for your fun and happy spirit, artistic point of view and ability to make us laugh.”

Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon and if you have taken any interesting pictures of the car, please send them in.