100 Amazing Photos of the Mercedes Pens

pen car 
by Nicky Deez

Over the past 5 years the Mercedes Pens Art Car has been widely photographed and seen world wide many times over. My art car was recently featured flickriver which allows people to quickly see interesting images from flickr quickly on one page. There are 102 shots taken of the Mercedes pens locally and from various events attended in the past. One of the shots was taken during dusk in Santa Rosa while I was headed home and is the only picture of the Mercedes Pens that I have seen taken at night. I like because the car looks ominous with its red tail lights zipping past and the other car. I am the super hero on my way home, probably have groceries in the back seat and have to get back soon before the ice cream melts.

Mercedes Pens Going Upscale at Okizu Gala

Sandy and Costas with the Mercedes PensEmily and Ken with the Vain VanSandy and Costas at Caffe Sport

Last weekend Emily Duffy creator of the Vain Van and I were invited to bring our art cars to the 16th Annual Art Inspiring Hope Gala benefiting the Okizu Foundation at Fort Mason Center’s Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco. Okizu supports the childhood cancer community and provide peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer.

Patrick Robbie was the main photographer for the evening and took a bunch of great photos of the guests with the Mercedes Pens as the backdrop. This makes it the first time that the pen car has been used in this way for a very upscale event.

This is also the first time since I was married that wore a black suite and in fact had to borrow one since I don’t have much use for one in my line of business. It was a great opportunity to dress up and go on a date with my wife Sandy in San Francisco. After the event Emily and Ken took us out to South Beach and we had some fantastic Italian food at Caffe Sport where they took our photo in a serious moment we were having during dinner.

Junkyard Journeys – The Mercedes Pens Story by Cat Cutillo

Sitting inside the Mercedes Pens
Pen Guy sitting inside the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Pen Guy standing in front of the Mercedes Pens Art Car
Photo by Cat Cutillo

Video by Cat Cutillo

Cat Cutillo an award winning photographer from San Fransisco recently interviewed me for a video project she was working for a class project. She also took a bunch of great photos that she incorporated into the video. The video is called Junkyard Journeys and in I talk about my inspiration for starting the Mercedes Pens and my ongoing dream to collect a million pens for future art projects. She did a great job shooting and editing this video and I am really pleased with the end result:)Thank you Cat.

Jason Winshell – “Creating Sanctuary” with the Mercedes Pens

This is what joy look likes to me
Pen Guy taking a breather on a sunny Saturday afternoon
The Inside of the Pen Car on the Road Again.
The Inside of the Pen Car on the Road Again.
Last weekend at Maker Faire I had the pleasure of meeting some really interesting folks and one of them happened to be Jason Winshell, an amazing Photographer from San Francisco. During the event Jason approached me about letting him photograph the Mercedes Pens and me as part of his latest photo essay project called “Creating Sanctuary“. Jason is on a journey to explore the things that we do in order to create sanctuaries around us as we deal with the day to day stress, demands and routines of everyday life. Basically a world in which we rejuvenate and recharge our batteries, by looking into our passions, interests, and vices.

Jason came up last Saturday and he spent about four hours driving around with me in my Mercedes Pens Art Car and taking photos in different settings in order to capture what it is that I do. He managed to capture my every day sanctuary on wheels on a sunny Saturday afternoon in my front yard, Walmart, the gas station and on the road. I love the picture of the inside while I am driving, because It’s a perspective I have never seen before.

Amazing Fisheye Lens Photo of the Pen Car Hood

Amazing Fisheye lens Photo of the Pen Car Hood

This amazing photo of the Mercedes Pens Hood was taken last weekend at Maker Faire by Andy with a Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens. So far its the most dramatic photo I have seen making the hood looking pretty darn cool. The only problem is the missing pens on the right side, maybe I could photoshop them in. That’s what happens when pens go missing while I am driving and especially the cheap black ones that tend to bend and pop off when they melt in the sun. Andy did a great job and if you are interested he has many more photos from Maker Faire.