The Pen Guy Launches Recycled Pen Art Project on IndieGoGo

I am happy to announce the creation of my very first art piece  called “Giving Tree” a 48″x48″ piece covered with about 500 sharpies. I am also launching my Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise  $8250 to help me create another seven “pentings”.

I have been collecting pens ever since I started the Mercedes Pens Art Car with the idea that I was going to create more art with used pens.

At the beginning of the year I had about 30,000 pens piling up and overflowing out of my pen bin in the back yard as seen here. Then I got a giant boost from TerraCycle who partnered with me by giving me a giant pallet of about 30,000 more used pens and then commissioned me to create two pentings.

I took the opportunity from this first piece to launch a fundraising campaign and step out believing that this crazy pen art dream could really happen in the next 60 days. I have been thinking about this for many years and the timing was finally right to take the plunge and put my big dream out there.

With the support of my family and close friends I take the step into what I believe to be an appointment with destiny and to go on to create some of my best work ever in the coming years.
The only way I could possible image doing this is with your help and support and it can be done in four significant ways:

  1. Contribute financially to my campaign
  2. Tell your friends about it on facebook, twitter, email and the rest.
  3. Donate all your pens to: The Pen Guy POBox #994 Forestville Ca 95436
  4. Send your good thoughts my way.

Its simple and beautiful.

I would love to hear back from you so please leave your comments