Maker Faire Bay Area 2009 Video Montage

Maker Faire Bay Area 2009 Video Montage

Here is the best video montage I found of Maker Faire 2009 so far, that gives a good flavor of what the event was all about. The guy playing the snow shovel guitar is Isaac Frankle the ‘Shovel Man’ a Guitarist, Singer, Lyricist, Percussionist, Harmonica Player Instrument Inventor Artist/Scientist & Sound Sculptor. In the video you can also see the Hennepin Crawler, Whirlygig Emoto, Neverwas Haul a three story Victorian house on wheels, and the famous Radio Flyer Art Car. There is also the giant metal wings and of course the Mercedes Pens makes a brief appearance.

Pen Guy wearing the NOKIA Lanyard at Maker Faire

Pen Guy wearing the NOKIA Lanyard
During maker faire I also met some of the folks from NOKIA one of the sponsors of the event. I met DuCharme who works at the Nokia Research Center (NRC) in Palo Alto “chartered with exploring new frontiers for mobility, solving scientific challenges to transform the converging Internet and communications industries.” Sound like fun and a mouthful to explain so I quoted what they do directly from their site. DuCharme took this picture of me wearing the NOKIA Lanyard that all the Makers had to hang their badges from. DuCharme also sent me a picture of her ’79 Volvo station wagon dashboard Moose Art Car nice work.
Moose Art Car

Amazing Fisheye Lens Photo of the Pen Car Hood

Amazing Fisheye lens Photo of the Pen Car Hood

This amazing photo of the Mercedes Pens Hood was taken last weekend at Maker Faire by Andy with a Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens. So far its the most dramatic photo I have seen making the hood looking pretty darn cool. The only problem is the missing pens on the right side, maybe I could photoshop them in. That’s what happens when pens go missing while I am driving and especially the cheap black ones that tend to bend and pop off when they melt in the sun. Andy did a great job and if you are interested he has many more photos from Maker Faire.

PenAgain™ Inventor Colin Roche Shows up at Maker Faire

Colin Roche and The Pen Guy with the ErgoSleek
PenAgain™ Inventor Colin Roche presents The Pen Guy with an ErgoSleek PenAgain
Maker Faire 2009 was fantastic, and there are lots of things I will be sharing in the coming days, but first I wanted to talk about Colin Roche, the inventor of an amazing pen called PenAgain™. In my four years as the Pen Guy I have never met an inventor of a pen- so this was a first for me. Colin invented a pen that has a comfortable “No Grip” design that reduces stress on the hands and fingers. The full PenAgain story can be read here. Colin came up to me and said he also is a “pen guy” and then after telling me his story, I knew he was the real deal. He also presented me with the ErgoSleek PenAgain one the coolest looking pens ever- it looks like a retro space rocket in its box with two refills and a snazzy pen stand. One of these days I am going to have to make a trip down to the PenAgain store. Thank you Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely family. Here is is also the documentary video.

From the inside looking out because every day is a parade in the Mercedes Pens

People in a parade waving at the Mercedes Pens

Only 6 hours until I have to get up and head on down to this years Maker Faire. I am so jazzed I can’t sleep even though I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me in the morning to arrive in time to check in. I know many of you will be coming to the site after this weekend to check things out. So I want to thank all of you ahead of time for coming by, getting a flyer and a pen. I hope you all had fun and I am really glad to have met you all. Please send me any pictures with you and the car, I would love to spend a couple of weeks just posting your fun Mercedes Pens Photos. The picture above is what it looks like pretty much every day I drive the pen car– people waving, pointing, laughing– because every day is a parade for me!