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Mercedes Pens Pushing 10,000 Pens – Art Car Fest 08 in Berkeley

Well I made it through the Berkeley parade last Sunday for the last day of Art Car Fest 08. I was totally stressed out trying to get as many darn pens glued to my Mercedes Pens before the event but at some point I had enough. I finished my hub caps with tie wraps so the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers wouldn’t fly off the wheels like they did the first time. I installed the new orange seat covers and finished up the rear fins. There is still a lot of work to especially the sections with the really old pens. To all of you I met that day thanks for coming by, and thank you in advance for those of you who promised to send me all your old pens in the mail:)

Mercedes Pens Art Car next to Snail Art Car
Inside Mercedes Pens and new orange fuzzy seat covers
Mercedes Pens with new fins and hub caps
Mercedes Pens Hub Caps

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20 Days Until Art Car Fest 08

I am totally behind on blogging but ahead in getting my car ready for this years Art Car Fest 08. I am in the process of remodeling, which only means taking old pens off the car and replacing them with fresh ones. I just finished the back fin of the car which sorta looks like a blob of pens all piled up, but trust its a fin. I want to get the car ready before I release any more photos and when I am done I will take the car out for some glamor shots of the Mercedes Pens. I will then flood Al Gores world wide web called the “Internet” with photos of my newly remodeled art car covered in about 10,000 pens. I am also going to buy some fuzzy orange seat covers for the front and make my own for the back seat, spruce up the fake grass and put some down in the back as well.

My daughters first ride in the Mercedes Pens Art Car, notice she is holding a “pen”. I wonder were she got that?

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Mercedes Pens with fins? What was I thinking?

Here is the latest remodel on the rear fender of my Mercedes Pens. Now that I have a whole bunch of pens donated this year by Olivet and Piner Elementary I can build my self some fins inspired by a Red 1960 Chrysler Saratoga that I park next to every day. So far mine are a work in progress.

Mercedes Pens with Crayola Fin

1960 Chrysler Saratoga fin (by the way it is for sale:)

After three years of gluing pens to my Mercedes, I think I’ve gone past the point of no return. Actually that happened the night I glued my first 20 pens to the driver side door with a tube of glue in one hand and a bunch of pens and a flash light in the other. If I was afraid people would think I was totally nuts then, I have removed all doubt now. At first there were days I too wondered what the heck I was doing ruining a perfectly good car. Three years I know the answer to that question, and I see it every day in the faces of those of you who see my car on a daily basis. I see joy and the smiling faces tell me that I did the right thing. And as long as I continue to see the joy I will continue driving this car around town. Who knows, one day I hope to travel the country in an RV with the family and the pen car in tow going from city to city doing the same thing as I do here in Sebastopol¬†CA and beyond. This has been one of the best art projects I have ever done. It allows me to do art on the go, practice my stand up comedy, talk and encourage others to follow their dreams and get some fresh air from doing graphic design all day long.

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Pen Car Remodel – replacing old pens

Three years after I begun this Mercedes Pens Art Car project I am entering into the remodeling phase. That means that pens that have been on the car now for about two years need replacing with fresh ones. Sun, rain and dust have done a work on the older pens and now need to be replaced. The upside is that there will be more opportunities for you to glue a pen back on the car. I will be appearing at the Occidental Bohemian Farmers Market the last Friday of the month as part of the Maker Faire team. I will also be accepting pen donations that will help with the remodel in preparation for Art Car Fest 08.

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Pen Guy Postcards from Reach360 are in!!!

Today I picked up my new postcards in time for this years events. I was fortunate enough to get the printing donated by Eric Wold, CEO, of Reach360. They specialize in one-to-one marketing, print-production, mailing solutions and variable data print production. Thank you for supporting this project, and allowing me to continue on this journey and get my message out to more people this year.

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