The Pen Guy in the Press Democrat

The Maker Faire 08 in San Mateo Faregrounds, was a great success with over 70,000 showing up for the most amazing faire of its kind. The organizers and countless volunteers did a fantastic job of making this event run smoothly, thank you Sherry Huss for having me come to the faire, and thanks for the great spot near the entrance. It was also a good weekend for some great publicity for me in The Press Democrat with an article called “Carnival of creativity” By Nathan Halverson, and a photo of the Mercedes Pens Art Car and the Pen Guy looking up by Kent Porter also of the The Press Democrat. Saty tuned for more entries and photos about the faire.

The Pen Guy on KSRO 1350 today!!!

Pearl gluying a pen on the Mercedes Pens at Art Car Fest 06 in Berkeley, CA

Today an interview I did with Curtiss Kim from KSRO 1350 AM airs, in fact I am up at the crack of dawn to write a little, put up some new photos and listen for the show. The show airs this morning from 5:30 to 9am, noon and again form 3-6pm. To Curtiss and the KSRO team, I thank you for the opportunity to talk about Mercedes Pens and my journey as the Pen Guy. To all of you in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol and the rest of Sonoma County, I love making you smile as we pass by each other, it is my goal in life to make as many of you laught out loud as I can, by driving this wacky, pen covered car. I would also love to come by your schools, business, organizations, or events to share more of my life journey in the hopes that I would encourage you to go out and follow your dreams and desires for your life. All the best, and dont forget to wave, honk, call or email me with your thoughts.

Guest Speaker in Santa Rosa – The Pen Guy

If you are looking for a guest speaker and inspirational comedian for Santa Rosa and the rest of the Bay Area, then look no further. The Pen Guy and his Mercedes Pens Art Car is now available to appear at local schools, events, business meetings, benefit concerts, fundraisers, and any other type of gathering you can think of. I plan to be at Maker Fair in San Mateo, Art Car Fest in San Francisco, Berkeley and San Jose and also local events such as the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival, Harmony Festival and City Kids Festival in Santa Rosa. Its going to be an incredible year, lots of fun, many more pens to be glued on the car, and some taken off and given away as gifts. In doing all this I hope to inspire others to pursue and explore their gifts and talents in new and creative ways this year. The best part of being the “pen guy” is that it’s a lot of fun, it makes people laugh and it’s something people of all ages can enjoy and participate in.

Pen Covered Christmas Wreath

Pen Covered Christmas Wreath on the Mercedes Pens Art Car

A little late but I just found my camera and was able to get a nice shot of the front of the Mercedes Pens with my new Christmas wreath covered in pens. I found a plastic wreath and used tie wraps to attach the pens to it. I took apart a wire coat hanger and with more tie wraps attached the whole thing to the bumper of my car. I drove all of December with this thing on and did not loose a single pen. I think the bumper on this car rocks!!!