Making a Blue Man Group PVC instument

This weekend the Mercedes Pens will be appearing at Maker Faire 07 in San Mateo. I have been busy working on a Blue Man Group PVC instrument for the roof of the car. Its not ready yet, all I need are various lengths to be inserted on the top part. The side pipes are hit with a flat paddle, and that makes the tone. The idea is to make it look like giant pens sticking out from the roof of the pen car. I love the idea of a duel purpose art project.

Mercedes Pens and Friends at the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival 2007

Here is a shot from the sun roof of the Mercedes Pens and the two other Art Cars in the parade.
This year I entered the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival 2007 with two other art cars forming the Sonoma County Art Cars. The three of us and got up at the crack of dawn and fired up our respective Art Cars and drove down to Sebastopol. We were there by 8:00-am and parading by about 10:30-am. It was hot and sticky and for those of us without AC, mainly me it was supper hot. We were synchronized art cars zigzagging all the way down main and throwing candy out the window.
If you missed this great event fear not, there is always the Forestville Parade June 2 and “How Berkeley Can You Be” in September for the more adventurous.

Art Car Fest 06 was Awesome!!!!

This was an amazing event, thank you to all my art car family for being there.
Thank you to all of you who came by to see the Pen Car and especially those of you who helped glue pens on the car.

Also a special thanks to those who donated more pens this year:)

If you were there and took pictures with the car, I would love it if you emailed me one so I can post it on the site. Also include a brief quote to go with your picture from your experience at Art Car Fest. [email protected]

And if you have pens that you would like to donate please send them to:
The Pen Guy
P.O Box 994
Forestville Ca 95436

“…amazing what you have. I knew those old used up pens I have thrown away over the years could have been of some use!”~Maggie – Berkeley CA

Check in later for more news….

The Pen Guy at City Kids Festival August 26th

Next week I will be attending Santa Rosa’s City Kids Festival at Juliard Park from 10-4 pm. I will be there to hang out have fun and get some help from kids to glue more pens to my car.

If you have extra pens you want to donate, or just want to come by and say hi, I will see you there.