Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift Store – Pen Recycling Center – City Kids Festival, August 22, 2009

The Pen Guy and the Mercedes Pens Art Car City Kids Festival

Good news, the Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift Store has just agreed to become a pen recycling drop off center for the one million pen drive. There will be a two bins, one located inside the thrift store and the other one in the back were donations are dropped off. So remember, don’t just throw away all those dead ball points, dry erase and marker pens, instead recycle them along with your other donations at the Mission Thrift Store on 1064 Piner Ave. in Santa Rosa, Mon – Sat, 10 am to 6 pm.

City Kids FestivalAlice Lowe who agreed to collect pens for the Million Pen Drive is the outreach and fundraising events and is also the contact person for the City Kids Festival that will happening Saturday August 22, 2009, at Juliard Park in Santa Rosa. The City Kids Festival is an all-day outreach, primarily to needy children in Sonoma County. There will be Free backpacks and school supplies! Free books! Balloon animals, miniature golf, snow cones, face painting and much more more! Many Sonoma County churches volunteer their time and effort and money to provide the supplies for the kids and run game and food booths during the event. In 2008 1800 backpacks were given away and this year they expect more that 2000 boys and girls to attend. The event is free and open to all with no charge for the games and food. The free backpacks are given to those children who pre-register for them at RGM.They are also currently accepting donations for more school supplies needed for the City Kids Festival.

I have had the pleasure of attending this event with my Mercedes Pens now for past couple of years and plan to be there again this year hanging out as the Pen Guy. This event would also be good time for you to come out with your kids and drop off any old pens that you would love to get rid off.

100% Clear Silicone from Sebastopol Hardware Center

I must say I love 100% Clear Silicone for gluing pens to my car, and I especially love it when its donated by the awesome folks over at Sebastopol Hardware Center. As gas prices go up so does the price of other petroleum products such as Silicone but the price of their Ace brand is holding nicely at around $4.99 a tube. The stuff is really good for holding pens on the Mercedes pens for around two years and then its time to put fresh ones. The constant beating of UV, heat and rain on the car really does a number on the pens but with a fresh batch of silicone it will allow me to glue more pens at City Kids Festival, Saturday August 23, 2008 – Julliard Park. Art Car Fest is also just around the corner during the last weekend in September 25-28, 2008 so I only have two more moths to figure out how and where to attach four thousand more pens.

300 Pens Glued on Car at City Kids Festival!!!

City Kids Festival was a success!!!

Thank you to:
Ace Hardware – Sebastopol for 2 tubes of sylicone,
Wall Mart – Rohnert Park for 8 Tubes of sylicone
Exchange Bank – Santa Rosa for 250 pens
Office Depot – for 1400 Pens
and many others who donated many many pens for this event.

I had 300 happy kids who helped me glue 300 pens to the front and rear bumper of my car.

I also had a group of German tourists who had the opportunity to glue pens on one of Germany’s finest products. They must think Californians are totally nuts, but they had a good time and took some pictures.

And other contributors over the past year or so…

Performance Design Group – Sebastopol, CA – A Ton
Jacqueline Keywood – Sebastopol CA – A Ton
Golden Pacific Systems – Rohnert Park, CA – A Ton
Halls Executive Gifts & Awards – Santa Rosa, CA – A Ton

Greater Works Printing – Rohnert Park CA – A Bunch
Envisonary Design – Forestville CA – A Bunch
D & S Awards – Santa Rosa, CA – A Bunch

Piner Olivet School – Santa Rosa CA – 500
Sebestopol Christian School – Sebastopol CA – 500
Windsor Christian Academy – Windsor CA – 500
Don Cobb at The Light – Santa Rosa CA – 200
The Motherwells – A whole kitchen drawer

And many others around town and beyond

The Pen Guy at City Kids Festival August 26th

Next week I will be attending Santa Rosa’s City Kids Festival at Juliard Park from 10-4 pm. I will be there to hang out have fun and get some help from kids to glue more pens to my car.

If you have extra pens you want to donate, or just want to come by and say hi, I will see you there.