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Attack of the Hungry Pen Eating Droid

Attack of the Hungry Pen Eating DroidA very hungry pen eating robot will be munching on old used pens at the Video Droid tomorrow in Santa Rosa, as soon as I drop him off. He will be there as long as it takes to eat plenty of used pens from the local population.

He was created from a used Christmas wrapping paper bin I found for a buck at the VNA thrift store on Santa Rosa.

I filled the top section with pens to make it look like robot brains. I also borrowed some elements from the Mercedes pens by adding the 3D cube on the chest and the tubes on the top for hair. The middle one is actually punched through so the used pens can be dropped in the top of our hungry robot.

By the way a featured article in the Bohemian is coming out on Wed April 14 about the Pen guy and the Mercedes Pens.

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Pen Guy’s First Endorsement – 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels For Sale

Pen Guy's First Endorsement - 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel For SaleIt keeps getting better every day, I just picked up an endorsement deal from my brother George who is selling these fantastic 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels that I used as pen recycling containers around town. I was paid in barrels for my first endorsement, witch is better than nothing. These barrels are amazing and have all kinds of uses: collect rain water, planter boxes, chairs, compost bins, canoe trailer/trunk, and even a storm trooper armor costume . Just a few of the plastic barrel projects I found on instructables. These baby’s will run you $25 each and there is free delivery with purchase of 8 or more, anywhere in the SF Bay Area. The best way to reach George is call him on his cell at 707-591-6021.

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Pen Donation Barrel Now at The Bay Model in Sausalito

Pen Donation Barrel Now at The Bay Model in SausalitoLast Saturday I went down to Sausalito to drop off my 5th pen recycling barrel at The Bay Model. I was there from 12-3 hanging out with the my new fans. I then drove over to San Rafael for free music in the park for another three hours. It was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. A big thanks goes to Mari Tamburo who made it possible for me to be there.

Little Girl Looking at the Hood of the Mercedes Pens In San Rafael
Submitted by Shelley Champine

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Pen Recycling Barrel Now at City Life in Santa Rosa

Pen Recycling Barrel Now at City Life in Santa Rosa

City Life community center has a for a long time now graciously allowed me to have pens mailed here at 2425 Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa. They were even more gracious when I asked them if I could put one of my pen recycling barrels in the front lobby. Now not only can you mail pens here but you can if you want go down and drop them off your self. They have been very supportive with my Million Pen Drive so I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

City life community center is a very unique place, it used to be a Heald college location and now its a place where many organizations meet and hold meetings during the week. They have ballet and martial arts classes, 5-6 churches meet there such as City Life Fellowship , Giving Tree Church and others. Hope Works is also located there, a non profit organization that is gang intervention and inmate reentry program. Its a great place to find great information about local events and meetings that are happening all through out the week.

The New Pen Donation Address is:
The Pen Guy – P.O.Box 994 – Forestville, CA 95436

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Pen Donation Barrel at Analy High School

Brigitte and her very own Coffee Mug Pen Donation Barrel at Analy High SchoolAnaly High School in Sebastopol now has pen donation barrel covered in pens ready for the new school year. I met Brigitte at the Forestville Business Expo who was very excited about starting a collection over at Analy. I placed the second barrel in front of her office mainly for the student body and staff to have easy access to for pen recycling. I wish you all the best in the coming school year and I thank you for participating with me in the one million pen drive.

If you too want one of these pen covered barrels please email me to order yours today.

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