Buddy the Pen Eating Droid Well Fed With Pens at Goodwill

Recycled Pens from Goodwill inside the Mercedes Pens
Recycled Pens From Goodwill inside the Mercedes Pens
This mother lode of used pens was extracted from the guts of “Buddy” the pen eating droid now located at Goodwill Industries on Yolanda Ave. in Santa Rosa California. He was only there for about two weeks but as word spread about him many came to make sure he was filled up with old pens, markers, some pencils and a few crayons.  Goodwill has a massive operation and have earned the top pen recycling award of the month.Cant wait to visit again this weekend while filming a documentary about the Pen Guy by Paul Myers, a film student from Stanford University.

Buddy the Pen Eating Droid Moves to Goodwill

Buddy the Pen Eating Droid Moves to Goodwill Industries in Santa Rosa Ca“Buddy” the pen eating droid formerly located at Video Droid,  just moved to his new home at Goodwill Industries in Santa Rosa. His job at Goodwill will be to just stand there and collect dead pens of every kind for me while I stay home and get some work done. So if you happen to go there don’t forget those pens.

Buddy was met with enthusiasm today by Andrew and Jessica who work there and who also gave him his name. Jessica was on the job but Andrew was there on his day off looking for treasure. It was a good day because he found him self a nice retro looking toaster.

We chatted a about buddy and I left him there feeling good that Andrew and Jessica would make sure he stays out of trouble.

Attack of the Hungry Pen Eating Droid

Attack of the Hungry Pen Eating DroidA very hungry pen eating robot will be munching on old used pens at the Video Droid tomorrow in Santa Rosa, as soon as I drop him off. He will be there as long as it takes to eat plenty of used pens from the local population.

He was created from a used Christmas wrapping paper bin I found for a buck at the VNA thrift store on Santa Rosa.

I filled the top section with pens to make it look like robot brains. I also borrowed some elements from the Mercedes pens by adding the 3D cube on the chest and the tubes on the top for hair. The middle one is actually punched through so the used pens can be dropped in the top of our hungry robot.

By the way a featured article in the Bohemian is coming out on Wed April 14 about the Pen guy and the Mercedes Pens.