Pens from all over hit the Pen Guys PO BOX

 donated pens sent to the pen guy from all over

Today I went to my PO box and found not one but 5 packages filled with recycled pens from all over the place. In fact since my last post I have gotten a ton more pens and I have been to busy to post. So a BIG HUGE thanks goes to:

  • Christa – Seattle, WA
  • Maria – Estero, FL
  • Kendal – Atherton, CA
  • Nicholas – LaHabra, CA
  • Anonymous

For making my Friday and inspiring to write yet again:)

500 Reasons to Buy Promotional Pens from Bic Promo Pens

Box of Pen Guy promotional pens donated by Bic Promo Pens


Its has been way too long since my last post so I wanted to break my blog fast by giving a big thanks to Tej over at Bic Promo Pens the #1 source for promotional, advertising, and logo pens. Tej sponsored me this month by printing and sending over 500 of my very own Bic promotional pens printed with “Help save a million used pens”. There were so many colors to choose from so I went with the blue/orange pens with the gold type that I though would go well with the pen guy colors.

Bic Promo Pens is great source for promotional, advertising, and logo pens which guarantee the lowest prices online. I think getting personalized pens are a smart marketing solution and a great way to advertise and promote your business. I will definitely get the word out this summer about Collecting One Million Pens as I head out in the Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in 10,000 pens handing my new BIC PENS

Thanks Tej:)

Closeup of Pen Guy promotional pen donated by Bic Promo Pens

Pen Guy Role Model? Tisha Bell Collecting a Million Pens Also

Tisha Bell Collecting a Million Pens Also

I got an email from Tisha Bell who started collecting pens when she was in middle school one summer. Her goal is to also collect a million pens from around the world so her friend set up a web sit for her to get the word out. She asked me for advise on were to get used pens and I told her to ask thrift stores. She ended up getting about 300 pens from St. Vincent De Paul in Ellensburg.

In 2006, she displayed her pens at the puyallup fair where she received a peoples choice award and hopes to go back this year with even more.

Pen Donations from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

Used Pens Donated from Detroit
Used Pens Donated from San DiegoUsed Pens Donated from the UK
And speaking of pen donations for the million pen project, these used pens just came in from some faithful pen guy fans. Three envelopes with used pens were sent from San Diego, Detroit and the UK. The San Diego one came with two Pilot g2 pens and the one from the UK came in a bag because the envelope burst open and had to be re-wrapped, but it got here OK. The third envelope came over from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, so thank you and hope things warm up for you guys soon.

World’s Largest Ball-Point Pen Collection

World's Largest Ball-Point Pen Collection by Angelika UnverhauI have to give kudos to Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken (Germany) who has managed to collect more than 220,000 ball-point pens (excluding duplicates) from 146 countries. She has been collecting pens since childhood, but in 1990 decided to take her hobby more seriously and go for the world record. She meets twice with other pen collectors through her ball-point club and trade pens with each other, fun. She currently holds the Guinness World Record for largest ball-point collection. I got my work cut out for me with my Million Pen Drive but I am collecting anything with the word “pen” in it, so I think might have a fighting chance.