Mercedes Pens Alternator Problem Solved

Mercedes Pens Alternator Problem Solved

Finally figured out the mystery of the dead battery. Ever since last October my battery on the Mercedes pens kept dying and last week I finally had it having to get a battery jump at the post office. At first I though I had a short in the electric system, but the problem persisted. I finally rolled up my sleeves put on my rubber gloves and crawled under the hood and took out my alternator.

 Mercedes Internal Alternator Voltage Regulator

First loosen the two 17mm bolts holding the alternator in place, then loosen the 13mm nut on the alternator adjustment plate. Take the screws out and slip the two belt off. Put the alternator on the bench and examine. It turns out the voltage regulator was to totally worn out and in need of a new one. Monday I will be taking this entire unit down to a shop to be rebuilt.

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Pen Guy Role Model? Tisha Bell Collecting a Million Pens Also

Tisha Bell Collecting a Million Pens Also

I got an email from Tisha Bell who started collecting pens when she was in middle school one summer. Her goal is to also collect a million pens from around the world so her friend set up a web sit for her to get the word out. She asked me for advise on were to get used pens and I told her to ask thrift stores. She ended up getting about 300 pens from St. Vincent De Paul in Ellensburg.

In 2006, she displayed her pens at the puyallup fair where she received a peoples choice award and hopes to go back this year with even more.

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Pen Guy Collects 22,000 Used Pens So Far

Pen Guy Collects 22,000 Used Pens So Far

Hi everyone, here is an update on my one million pen drive. So far I have managed to collect about 22,000 used pens of every kind. All this with the help of local thrift stores and mail in donations to my address.

The Pen Guy – P.O.Box 994 – Forestville, CA 95436

I really appreciate all your help and support and I ask that you would continue to send in all your used pens.

I tried to get a sense of scale by posing in front of this giant pile of pens, still about 200k short of the world record. I also took a short video doing a walk around my pen collection:)

The Pen Sitting with 22,000 Pens

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100 Amazing Photos of the Mercedes Pens

pen car 
by Nicky Deez

Over the past 5 years the Mercedes Pens Art Car has been widely photographed and seen world wide many times over. My art car was recently featured flickriver which allows people to quickly see interesting images from flickr quickly on one page. There are 102 shots taken of the Mercedes pens locally and from various events attended in the past. One of the shots was taken during dusk in Santa Rosa while I was headed home and is the only picture of the Mercedes Pens that I have seen taken at night. I like because the car looks ominous with its red tail lights zipping past and the other car. I am the super hero on my way home, probably have groceries in the back seat and have to get back soon before the ice cream melts.

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