Harmony Festival 07 was a great weekend!

I was there for three days hanging out and getting help gluing pens on the Mercedes pens. This time around I wrote names on the pens before gluing them on the car. The car now is 95% covered with pens so all I have to do is cover the inside and convert the PVC tubes into pens. Met some really interesting folks who came by the car. One of them was none other than Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who came right up to me and said “Nice Car”. Of course I had to take a picture, because how often does a presidential candidate comes up to go and compliments you on your art car. Never heard of it, ever.

Also got call from Jesse who wants to do a show about the Mercedes Pens and post it on his vlog wow cool show. I will meet with him next week sometime to shoot an episode about the car. The funny thing is that sometime ago I mentioned that I wanted to do a regular show, maybe this will help me get started. Stay tuned.

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Mercedes Pens in The Media

As a result of going to Maker Fair 07 in San Mateo I receaved some really cool media coverage of the Mercedes Pens Art Car.
The first was a very brief shot on a piece done by CBS Sunday morning news June 3, 2007 called Tech Geeks Shine At Maker. Its a great piece about the fair check it out. (Video Link 90MB)

The other piece was done by Metro Teknik a swiss media outlet. If you can figure out what it says, let me know. Well, I guess I went global this year:)

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Mercedes Pens at Harmony Festival 2007

I am happy to announce that I will be appearing at the Harmony Festival 2007 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds June 8,9,10. I will be located in the Kids Zone gluying pens on the Mercedes Pens with a little help from those of you who come by. My newly constructed PVC instrument will be open for any of you who want to play with it. If you have any dead pens you would like to donate please feel free to drop them off. See you there.

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Relay for Life Sonoma Benefit Appearance

I am happy to announce that I was invited to do comedy at the Purple Bell Bottom Bash on June 2, 2007. A benefit to raise money for Relay for Life 07-Sonoma. The Mercedes Pens will be parked out in front and then at some point I will be given the stage as the warm-up act for the Bacchus Rock Band that will be performing 60’s and 70’s music. So get those bellbottoms out and I will see you there.

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