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Who is the Pen Guy?
Costas Schuler is graphic/web designer and owner of Envisionary Design by day and the Pen Guy the rest of the time. He has managed to collect and reuse over over 10,000 dead pens in the past five years for his Mercedes Pens art car. Most of the pens have been donated from schools, business, thrift shops and by mail from around the country and even from other part of the world. He is also married with three beautiful girls.

What is the Mercedes Pens?
The pen car is a 1981 300SD Mercedes Benz covered in over 10,000 pens called the “Mercedes Pens” art car. It has over 272K miles and still remains the Pen Guy’s one and only form of transportation.

What is the Pen Drive?
The pen guy hopes to collect over a Million Pens locally and around the world to continue gluing pens on the Mercedes Pens and create other art projects and maybe one day build Pentopia, a magical world of pens.

What Does the Pen Guy do?
He spends his time looking for more used pens, working on the pen car, promoting pen recycling and reuse, making appearances and thinking about the future of used pens.

Why Pens?
The idea of gluing pens to my Mercedes came to me one day out of the blue, and since then I have thought a lot about what more can be done with used pens. Every year millions of pens end up in the dump and I believe there has got to be a better solution, so I am on a quest to discover that solution. For now, my goal is collect a million pens and then figure out what to do with them on the way.

How can you help?

1. Donate pens

  • By Mail:The Pen Guy – P.O.Box 994 – Forestville, CA 95436
  • Pick Up: Any location in the SF bay area (Approx $150 and may vary depending on distance) This is a good way to hire me for your next event and I will stay for up to two hours and visit with the Mercedes Pens. And I promise to make you laugh.

2. Donate money

3. Invite me to speak

Additional Time

4. Buy a T Shirt, Mug, Bumper sticker and
More from the Pen Guy Store

please email me for more info

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World’s Largest Ball-Point Pen Collection

World's Largest Ball-Point Pen Collection by Angelika UnverhauI have to give kudos to Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken (Germany) who has managed to collect more than 220,000 ball-point pens (excluding duplicates) from 146 countries. She has been collecting pens since childhood, but in 1990 decided to take her hobby more seriously and go for the world record. She meets twice with other pen collectors through her ball-point club and trade pens with each other, fun. She currently holds the Guinness World Record for largest ball-point collection. I got my work cut out for me with my Million Pen Drive but I am collecting anything with the word “pen” in it, so I think might have a fighting chance.

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Fancy Shmancy Pen Recycling Barrel at Forestville Elementary School

Fancy Shmancy Pen Recycling Barrel at Forestville Elementary School
I just delivered and installed a new fancy shmancy pen recycling barrel at Forestville Elementary School which was originally at Analy High School but was too big so I made them a smaller version. This pen recycling beauty is located smack dab in the middle of the entrance to the school as you go past the main office. Can’t miss it. Its going to be a good school year.

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Three Pen Recycling Locations in Marin – Thanks To Mari Tamburo

A big thanks goes to amazing singer and online friend Mari Tamburo (please check out her music and support her new album) who organized three pen recycling locations and two appearances by me the Pen Guy and my Mercedes Pens Art Car, September 19Th. Mari is also part of Artsboretum an organization dedicated to the preservation of a rich music legacy and to the cultivation of independent music artists and audiences. There goal is to inspire independent music artists to produce their best works, expose them to new audiences and empower them to become self sustaining by offering education, collaboration and performance opportunities.

1) Appearance and pen pick up
September 19, 2009 from 12-3pm
The Bay Model Visitor Center,
2100 Bridgeway (on marinship)
Sausalito, CA 94965″

2) Appearance and pen pick up
September 19, 2009 from 3:30-6pm
San Rafael Music in The Plaza

3) Pen recycling location
Red Devil Records
894 4Th Street
San Rafael , CA 94901

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Pen Donation Barrel at Analy High School

Brigitte and her very own Coffee Mug Pen Donation Barrel at Analy High SchoolAnaly High School in Sebastopol now has pen donation barrel covered in pens ready for the new school year. I met Brigitte at the Forestville Business Expo who was very excited about starting a collection over at Analy. I placed the second barrel in front of her office mainly for the student body and staff to have easy access to for pen recycling. I wish you all the best in the coming school year and I thank you for participating with me in the one million pen drive.

If you too want one of these pen covered barrels please email me to order yours today.

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