Collect A Million pens

Collect a Million Pens

Collect a Million Pens

The Pen Guy has a goal to collect a million used pens of all kinds, to create giant art murals called “Pen-tins.” He hopes to redirect the flow of some of the millions of used pens that end up in landfills every year into a reusable art medium.

Every year millions of discarded, used pens end up in landfills. So far no one has come up with a possible eco-friendly solution to this problem until now. Costas Schuler, a.k.a. the “Pen Guy”, from Forestville, CA, is asking for used pen donations to create art-namely giant murals called “Pen-tings.” A few years ago Costas started gluing pens to his 1981 Mercedes Benz, creating an art car he dubs the “Mercedes Pens”, which now has approximately 10,000 pens on it and is a regular feature at community events around the Bay Area. Costas is now embarking on a more ambitious project to collect and reuse a million pens for his “Pen-tings”: The plan is to partner with individuals, businesses, organizations and schools to establish regular collection sites, or to help by hosting a donation drive, where Costas would appear with the Mercedes Pens to talk about the project.

The Pen Guy and the Mercedes Pens are regular attendees of events such as the Maker Faire, Art Car Fest, Harmony Festival, City Kids Festival, as well as local grade schools and senior centers, where he encourages people to pursue their talents and dreams in life. He goes about his normal day asking for used pen donations, and there are several schools and businesses which participate regularly in collecting pens for his cause: the Forestville Water District, O’Reilly Media, Sutter Hospice Thrift in Sebastopol, Pick of the Litter in Santa Rosa, and Goodwill Industries in Santa Rosa.