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Questions for the Pen Guy

Q: What kind of glue do I use?
A: 100% silicone clear bought at the hardware store applied with a chalking gun

Q:How many pens so far?
A:close to seven thousand, give or take on the time of day.

Q:Do any fall off?
A:Maybe, if I am driving I have no idea, its all behind me know. I usually feel for loose pens and take them of right there and then.

Q:When did you start?
A:June of 2005

Q:It looks like a lot of work, is it?
A:Not really,I would say no more that 100 hours

Q:Where did you get all the pens?
A:Mostly donated by friends, business, schools, thrift stores and bought a few at garage sales.

Q:Do any still work?
A:Not any more, weather makes sure they never work again.

Q:Does the ink leak?
A:Yes, the felt tip “pens” do when it rains

Q:Any explode?

Q:How do you wash your car?
A:Soap, water and small brush gently brushing over the pens

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