Used pens from Singapore Reunited with the Pen Guy

This beautifully wrapped box of used pens came this week from Joanna C. all the way from Singapore and I took multiple pictures wanting to savor the moment. These used pens came wrapped in brown paper which I carefully removed to reveal the Black & Decker automatic dry iron box. Once I had this box opened I spilled the used pens on the ground to behold the treasure within. It was a windy fall day and a few dry redwood leaves were included in the final shot. Is it possible I could end up writing a novel about pens??? Who knows, but in any case I a big thanks goes out to my new friend in Joanna. Costas Schuler aka The Pen Guy has a real job as a graphic designer in Sonoma County and can be reached by email.
Box of used pens donated from Singapore for The Pen Guy and his Mercedes Pens Art Car

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