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Reusing used pens is the easiest thing in the universe and many have sent their used pens in the mail from all over the world. Many have come from the United States, and as far as England, Australia, China and Thailand to name a few. Receiving pens from all of you is one of the best parts of what I do and many of you have sent thank you notes which I Love to receive. Here is how it works:

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”1) Find The Pens” active=”no”] Go around your house or business and locate all the pens that are stashed or hiding inside drawers, boxes and/or couches.
If you are wondering what types of used pens you can donate, the answer is easy…everything. And by everything I really mean EVERYTHING:

Ball Point • Felt Tip • Dry-Erase • Sharpies • Crayolas • Markers • Gel Pens • Every thing else[/accordion] [accordion title=”2) Check The Pens” active=”no”] Go through and determine whether or not this is a pen you need, want or is ready to be thrown out. [/accordion] [accordion title=”3) Send The Pens” active=”no”] Gather all the ones that are ready to be shipped and place them in an envelope or box depending on the amount of dead pens you have. There is no minimum amount of pens you can sent.
I love getting notes so feel free write something on post-it and include it with your shipment:)


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  1. Hi 🙂 Where can I send a box of markers? Do you also accept crayons, color pencils, and empty glue sticks? Thank you 😊

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