Pentel Pens Just In – Recycology™ program explained

Pentel Super Ball, Fine Superball and Quickball Pens Donated by Pentel to The Pen Guy
Pentel Super Ball, Fine Superball and Quickball Pens Donated by Pentel to The Pen Guy

On one my recent meanderings I landed on Pentel’s page called Recycology™, a program created to enhance their mission of helping the environment by creating less waste and increasing recycling activity. They are focused on protecting the environment at all stages of manufacturing by creating products that used both recycled content and post-consumer recycled content. All their products in this line are made from a minimum of 50% recycled content excluding consumable content and refills…cool!

I decided to take a chance and contact them about maybe sending me some old expired empty pens laying around the office and lo and behold they emailed me back:) Nicole from the Marketing department emailed me and said they had recently done some remodeling and there was a pile of empty pens with my name on them. I got two boxes of Pentel Super Ball pens, a box of Pentel Fine Superball and a box of Pentel Quickball pens and they came in the mail within days!!!.

Here is what Nicole said to me:

Hi Costas! We know exactly who you are! We have visited your blog and have seen your work. We think it is super witty and creative!

Honestly I was a little freaked about the  “we know exactly who you are” line but getting the pens in the mail was well worth it. Its nice to know The Pen Guy and the Mercedes Pens project has had such a positive impact and that is why I will continue to collect empty pens.

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