The Pen Guy

Who is the Pen Guy?

Costas Schuler, graphic/web designer, aka The Pen Guy,  had a vision to glue pens to car after reading the book  Art Cars by Harrod Blank. He has managed to collect over 100,000 used pens and reuse about 10,000 “dead” pens in the past 10 years for his Mercedes Pens art car.

Most of the pens have been donated from schools, businesses, thrift shops and by mail from around the country and other parts of the world, which he often shares about on his blog.

What is the Mercedes Pens?

The pen car is a 1981 300SD Mercedes Benz art car covered in over 10,000 pens:  the “Mercedes Pens“.  It has over 272K miles and still remains the Pen Guy’s only form of transportation.

What is the Pen Drive?

The Pen Guy hopes to collect over a million used pens to continue gluing pens on the Mercedes Pens, create more recycled pen art projects and maybe one day build Pentopia, a magical world of pens.

What Does the Pen Guy do?

Whilst being a husband and father, he spends his time looking for more used pens, working on the pen car, promoting pen recycling and reusing, making appearances and thinking about the future of used pens. And, he has a day job as graphic designer.

Why Pens?

The idea of gluing pens to his Mercedes came to him one day out of the blue- and since then he has thought a lot about what more can be done with used pens. Every year millions of used pens end up in  landfills, so he is on a quest for better solutions. His current goal is to collect a million pens,  figuring out what to do with them along the way.

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