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Pen Donantion Keep Pouring In!!!

For the last to three months I have gotten pen donations mailled to me fron all over the country. Some anonymous and some with a return address. To all of you I want to give a big thanks who have supported this project first by donating your pens and by spending your har earned cash to pay for shipping. Thats commitement.

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PG Postcard

Costas “The Pen Guy” Schuler is the creator of the Mercedes Pens art car covered inside and out in close to 7000 pens. He started with a 1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD and with a tube of 100% clear silicone glued his first twenty pens one night in the summer of 2005.

He has been featured on Cable TV, Newspapers and on the internet around the world. He has participated in and shown his pen car at Art Car Fest, Maker Faire, Harmony Festival and has spoken in many local schools in the San Franscisco Bay Area, California.

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Pens Guy, Motivational Speaker Comedian

One of my big dreams in life is to become a motivational speaker comedian. I have had this desire for the past 15 years now, but its only in the past two years that the doors of opportunity opened for me to do that. My hearts desire is to motivate and and inspire others through art and comedy to fulfill their destiny by following and taking action on their life’s dreams. What is our purpose in life? to just exist or is there greater meaning and purpose for us all. I believe we were all created with purpose and for purpose to enrich each others lives as we flow in our gifts and talents.

I have been fortunate in life to have fulfilled many of my dreams going all the way back to grade school were my desire back then was to play the trumpet. In Jr High that dream came true and in one grade I went from beginner band to advanced with a trumpet solo at the years end concert.

The Mercedes pens art car came to me one day after two years of dreaming about creating my own art car. This car was a gate-way into the world of art cars and motivational speaking. About a year after I started the car a school called me up and asked me if I would bring my car and speak at their weekly school assembly about what I do and why I do it. I was fired up and totally exhilarated afterwards, I had found the opening I was looking for into the world of motivational speaking.

Since then I have attended many events and spoken at a few schools in Sonoma County, CA. This year my dream and desire for 2008 is do four times as many events and speaking engagements than I did in the 3 years combined. What is that look like you ask?

I come to your organizations with my car and talk about what I do and why I do it. If you are looking for a dry speech, I am not your guy. But if you want a funny, motivational, charismatic, clean, inspirational, speaker comedian with a car covered in over 6000 pens and want to hear about my life, experiences and what it’s like to drive my car around town, then I am your guy.

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