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Art, and Metal Welding Fabrication open for business in Sebastopol

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As of May 7th 2015 and after 10 years in the making Pen Guy Art is finally a real business, with welding equipment, fictitious business name, resale id, bank account and of course business cards. The missing ingredient in all this was the welding and fabrication skills needed to take this to the next level. I was fortunate to enough to find an amazing mentor in Forestville CA named Wayne Yeager with over 40 years experience, who took me under his wing and tough me the welding business. He is also agreed to come on board from time to time and lend a hand as a project manager on the larger more intricate jobs.

In 2014 I started my journey as a welder and since then I have been able to learn a lot about welding, fabricating and getting comfortable around the metal shop. For me, welding and fabrication was the secret sauce in being able to expand into more of what I love to do, designing, fixing and creating anything from farming equipment, furniture, sculpture moving vehicles and everything in between.

Another major hurdle for me was getting studio space and I was again fortunate to secure a place at Patric Amiot’s studio in Sebastopol on 2371, Gravenstein Highway South Sebastopol. Its an honor and a privilege to be around Patric, world famous for his art on Florence in Sebastopol. He created an art community of shorts on the south side of Sebastopol and I hope to add some of the Pen Guy Art creative juice to the mix and help turn this location into a top art destination.


For an art, welding and fabricating estimate please contact me.

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