14 Great Reasons The Mercedes Pens Visits Schools

14 Great Reasons The Mercedes Pens Visits Schools

A couple of weeks ago I visited Northwest Prep in Santa Rosa Ca with my Mercedes Pens Art Car. I was invited by Art Teacher Barb G., whom I met at the Lucky’s parking lot while I was picking up pens from the VNA thrift in Sebastopol. She invited me to bring the Mercedes and show her art class an art car up close and personal. I got a chance to visit and share a little about the what, the why and the how.

I love to show people how much you can do with simple and free materials such as dead pens of every kind. The pen car has been a lesson to me in the power of focusing on a vision, and taking the daily persistent steps towards seeing that vision come to life. 10,000 don’t just glue them selves on a car, it took daily concentrated effort to find the pens, plan where to put the pens and then actually spending the time to do the work. All this was possible because I first had a vision in my mind of what I wanted the pen car to look like and the passion to see the project come to life so others could enjoy it.

I keep working on the car because as long as there are people who need a good laugh or something to inspire them, I have good reason to continue dreaming of pens, working on the car and making bigger and better pen art.

The other day I got manila folder from Northwest Prep filled with 14 thank you notes with pens attached. Getting those notes in the mail made my day so I wanted to highlight them for you and give thanks to the students there for giving another 14 reasons to continue collecting pens and working on the Mercedes Pens Art Car.

Here is are my 14 Great Reasons The Mercedes Pens Visits Schools

  1. I didn’t really like your car, it looks kind of weird with those pens on it, but thank you for coming
  2. Mr Costas thank you for showing us your car
  3. I appreciate the hard work you done to this car
  4. I loved watching and touching the car
  5. You are Pentastical and you are a magician in my village
  6. I believe that with your car you have paved new roads to the discovery of art
  7. Thanks for taking the time to show us your car
  8. I learned that you can do what you imagine and make it happen in real life
  9. It makes me want to keep drawing
  10. It kind of helped me because I start things and never finish, but to see you and your car was inspirational.
  11. I would like to thank you for the experience with your car.
  12. Its so cool that you are doing this for a living
  13. Thank you for showing a different type of art
  14. Thank you for letting us see and touch your car

      K class of 2018 donates a ton of pens

      I got a call from Janie a teacher from a local elementary school were I had dropped of some flyers about donating old pens. She and her K classes came through with two fully stuffed ziplog bags with pens. I also got the opportunity to drive my car over and have the kids check out the car. Friday Oct 20,2006
      Thank you very much!!!

      5 Pen Guy Appearances this month

      I am pleased to announce 5 appearances with the Pen Car
      That means I have less than a week to get my costume ready

      Fri Oct 20 Visit at a local elementary school
      Sat Oct 21 Sebastopol Arts and Science Day
      Fri Oct 27 GT Harvest festival
      Sat Oct 28 RCC Harvest festival
      Sun Oct 29 Trunk or Treat