How to Repair your 300SD Window Switches

How to Repair your 300SD Window Switches by the Pen Guy Do you have a 300SD 126 Mercedes Benz and all of a sudden your window switches decide to quit? Well last night It came to me, why not open up the switch boxes and see whats going inside, maybe its as simple as dirty connectors.

I opened these baby’s up and they were filthy to the max, covered in lint, dirt and grease. I took care to follow the steps necessary to remove the switches from the tricky 300SD console.
I gently removed the switches from the body and then took out the metal parts. Once inside I cleaned everything up with mineral spirits and a dozen q-tips and then put everything back and was good to go.

To my astonishment I got 3 out windows working again for the first time in years. I had been living with one window for the past 4 years and now my passengers and I can enjoy all three:)

Lucky for me I saved $100 and the hassle of having to take apart the door panels to check out the window motors.