70 More Pens Glued on the Mercedes Pens at Sebastopol Arts and Science Day

Sebastopol Arts and Science day was awesome!!!
I parked at the entrance of the event and had about 70 kids glue pens on the bottom panel of the passenger door of the Pen Car. I was the warm up act for all the fun stuff that was going on at the event. Thank you to all my friends for helping me work on the Pen Car. I promise to drive your pen around town for every one to see and enjoy.

  • A Pen Guy helper
  • I also had my picture taken by High Speed Camera set to take a picture of me bursting a balloon with a pencil, the instant the balloon pops. The effects of this type of high speed photography are stunning.

  • Pen Guy Pops Balloon
  • Finally I got to meet Dan Woods Associate Publisher of Make: a fantastic magazine published by O’Reilly Media Inc.

    An intriguing magazine about making stuff from other stuff, and the stories about how that stuff was made, the people who make that stuff and information on how you too can make some of the same stuff they made from stuff you can find at your place where you store some of the same stuff that made that other stuff. Go it? If not just click on the link.

  • Make:
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