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Donate To Crossing the Jordan Santa Rosa Fire Disaster Relief Effort Asks The Pen Guy

Dear friends and supporters of the Pen Guy Pen Donation Program I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support over the last 15 years. We have collected over 500k+ pens which are stored at a warehouse in Santa Rosa CA owned by Crossing the Jordan one of my clients. As a Graphic Designer and Branding Expert I had served them since their inception creating all their marketing, branding and social media assets. This organization is near and dear to my heart and needles to say their success is also mine.

Right now their warehouse is being used as a hub in the effort to collect cash, food and clothing to help support local shelters during the fire disaster in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. They are a non profit who’s mission is to transform the lives of Women and Children escaping drug addiction and sex trafficking. Two of the three homes they have were evacuated yet they still show up to work every day to collect needed supplies during this ongoing disaster.

I would like to ask you all to consider sending supplies or donate cash to the Crossing the Jordan Relief Effort in lieu of sending pens to my address for a short while for three reasons.

1) I would much rather see effort and energy go into the people in dire need at currently displaced by the tragic fires
2) Better use of their storage space for their relief effort
3) I love them to pieces and support their cause 100%

Live donations NEEDED:

Casual clothing, shoes, jackets, brand new underwear, bath towels, bedding, pillows, toiletries, paper plates, plastic utensils, baby items, coolers, ice chests, flashlights and wash cloths.

Send them to:

att: The Pen Guy
Crossing the Jordan
2 West 3rd Street,
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Simply Donate the Funds Directly to Support their effort.

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing your amazing and wonderful live giving packages at the warehouse soon

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Art, and Metal Welding Fabrication open for business in Sebastopol

Photo on 5-15-15 at 10.31 AM #2

As of May 7th 2015 and after 10 years in the making Pen Guy Art is finally a real business, with welding equipment, fictitious business name, resale id, bank account and of course business cards. The missing ingredient in all this was the welding and fabrication skills needed to take this to the next level. I was fortunate to enough to find an amazing mentor in Forestville CA named Wayne Yeager with over 40 years experience, who took me under his wing and tough me the welding business. He is also agreed to come on board from time to time and lend a hand as a project manager on the larger more intricate jobs.

In 2014 I started my journey as a welder and since then I have been able to learn a lot about welding, fabricating and getting comfortable around the metal shop. For me, welding and fabrication was the secret sauce in being able to expand into more of what I love to do, designing, fixing and creating anything from farming equipment, furniture, sculpture moving vehicles and everything in between.

Another major hurdle for me was getting studio space and I was again fortunate to secure a place at Patric Amiot’s studio in Sebastopol on 2371, Gravenstein Highway South Sebastopol. Its an honor and a privilege to be around Patric, world famous for his art on Florence in Sebastopol. He created an art community of shorts on the south side of Sebastopol and I hope to add some of the Pen Guy Art creative juice to the mix and help turn this location into a top art destination.


For an art, welding and fabricating estimate please contact me.

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Mercedes Pens II in the making

Mercedes Pens II in the making

Hi every one, its been a long time since my last post however I have been collecting recycled pens from folks all over the world and have over 100K pens in four very large boxes at my warehouse location.The pen car died on me last October however for the cost of repairing I got my self a newer 83 Mercedes 300SD and started right back up. The good thing is that I now have a parts car out front so the original Mercedes pens can still have purpose in continuing the Mercedes pens legacy.

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The Pen Guy Moves to

the-pen-guy-moves_to_penguyart-comI finally made the big move from blog spot over to my new word press site at

Blog spot was a great place to start blogging about my Mercedes Pens art car and my pen recycling art project but I wanted the flexibility of a self hosted word press site that has given me the freedom to offer more.

As a graphic designer I wanted expand my business by offering Word Press CMS based web solutions to all my clients. I knew the day would come when I would have to switch and 2013 seemed like the right time to do so.

The good news is that I am still collecting pens, still making recycled pen art and still passionate about this project. Now I am able to do more, showcase my past accomplishments, with great videos, articles and photo galleries. And best of all, make it easy for you to find out about pen recycling and how to start a pen drive in your community and help move this amazing project forward.

I am hopping those of who have subscribed will go over to my new site and sign up for my monthly newsletter or at least grab the new rss feed so can still get the latest blog posts.

I would love to hear from you all and please feel free to contact me and let me know what

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How to Repair your 300SD Window Switches

How to Repair your 300SD Window Switches by the Pen Guy Do you have a 300SD 126 Mercedes Benz and all of a sudden your window switches decide to quit? Well last night It came to me, why not open up the switch boxes and see whats going inside, maybe its as simple as dirty connectors.

I opened these baby’s up and they were filthy to the max, covered in lint, dirt and grease. I took care to follow the steps necessary to remove the switches from the tricky 300SD console.
I gently removed the switches from the body and then took out the metal parts. Once inside I cleaned everything up with mineral spirits and a dozen q-tips and then put everything back and was good to go.

To my astonishment I got 3 out windows working again for the first time in years. I had been living with one window for the past 4 years and now my passengers and I can enjoy all three:)

Lucky for me I saved $100 and the hassle of having to take apart the door panels to check out the window motors.

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